• “Beechwood Primary School is Always Doing Something Good”

Foundation Stage Blog – 22 September 2017

It has been an exciting and busy couple of weeks in the Foundation Stage. The children have settled in really well and are starting to make friends.

We have been learning about school rules and routines and have been busy exploring the indoor and outdoor areas.

Next week the children will be staying at school for lunch, please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly named.  Please read the blog each week to find out what we have been busy getting up to.

Foundation Stage Blog – 24 July 2017

The last full week of term has been very busy with move up day, the FSR trip to Bucklebury farm, sports day and head teachers awards. Firstly we would like to say a massive well done to all the children who were presented with a head teachers award for their hard work this year. It was lovely to see the children beaming with pride when they stood on stage with their certificates, a late night for all involved!

The children were very excited about meeting their new teachers on Monday morning and all came back to the classrooms enthusiastic about September, they were keen to tell us all about how lovely their new teachers were and what they had been doing during the morning.

After a rainy day at Bucklebury Farm last week FSR were pleased to see the sunshine for their trip this week. The children arrived at school animated and eager to go on their school trip. They thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy tractor ride and feeding the deer. Many children overcame their initial fears of feeding the animals and by the end of their petting session couldn’t wait to get more food and feed the animals independently. Another highlight for the children was climbing the tower to look over the field of deer’s. All children returned to school safely and very tired from their busy day. Miss Rolfe would like to thank Mrs Grainger, Mrs Keats and Mrs Graham for coming on the trip to help.

The children arrived bright and colourful dressed in their house colours rearing to go for their first Beechwood Sports Day. It fantastic to see so many children supporting each other and demonstrating their sportsmanship. The children looked like athletes on the day and demonstrated all the physical skills they have been developing throughout the year. All staff were amazed by the children’s running for the final lap race and the encouragement from the parents motivated the children to get to the finish line.

It has been a wonderful year and the staff have all enjoyed supporting your children to reach their full potential. It has been a delight to see their progress throughout the year and they have developed into more confident and independent learners.

We would like to thank all the parents for their ongoing support and hope you have a lovely summer.

We look forward to seeing the children all grown up when they move into Year One in September.

Foundation Stage Blog – 14 July 2017

As part of their topic about farm animals the children have enjoyed making and designing their own milkshakes, it was interesting to see which ingredients they mixed together. Some children wanted to try and make a gravy milkshake!

On Tuesday FSN went to Bucklebury Farm and despite a wet start to the day luckily the children had a dry afternoon. The children were not phased by the rain and had a great time exploring the farm and splashing in the puddles. They went on an adventure around the farm and it was wonderful to see the children overcoming their fears when feeding the animals. The children were very careful when holding the guinea pigs and stroking the rabbits, it was lovely to see their kind and gentle attitude towards handling animals. The children enjoyed going on a tractor ride to see and feed the red deer, the children were fascinated to learn about how they grow new horns every year. When asked about their favourite part most children commented about going on a minibus or playing on the equipment. It was a busy day for the children filled with lots of fun and excitement, which was followed by a quiet minibus ride home with most of the children fast asleep. Miss Rolfe and Miss Norman would like to thank Mrs Zelenka and Mrs Hancock for their help on the day. FSR are very excited about their trip to Bucklebury farm next week and are asking every day “When are we going to the farm?”

The children have continued to practise their physical skills in preparation for sports day and we look forward to seeing you there next Wednesday. It is very going to be a very busy week next week as we are approaching the end of term so please make sure your child gets lots of sleep and rest this weekend.

Foundation Stage Blog – 7 July 2017

On Tuesday the Foundation Stage children participated in Art day and explored the work of Jackson Pollock. They were fascinated to learn how he became famous and enjoyed looking at examples of his ‘drip paintings’ and ‘movement Art’ which inspired the children’s creativity when making their own masterpieces using paint, spoons, cocktail sticks, quills, match sticks and straws. After lunch the children looked around other children’s artwork and learnt about different painting styles. The children went to an assembly where Miss Ford read a story about fish and the importance of everybody being unique, leading on from this the children painted a fish onto a pebble, which will be used to create a path in the reflective garden.

On Wednesday afternoon the children participated in their first sports day practise and we were delighted to see their enjoyment and team spirit when participating in the events. The main challenge for the children was to stay in their line when running their races! The children’s physical skills have developed well this year and this was evident when they carried out each of the events, some of which included shuttle relays, beanbag throw and obstacle course.

During the week we have been talking about farm animals and their babies in preparation for our trip to Bucklebury Farm.

A reminder of upcoming events for FS children:

  • 11th July 2017 FSN trip to Bucklebury Farm (Please ensure children wear their PE on the trip)
  • 17th July 2017 Move up morning
  • 18th July 2017 FSR trip to Bucklebury Farm (Please ensure children wear their PE on the trip)
  • 19th July 2017 FS & KS1 Sports Day (am) – Children to come into school wearing house coloured t-shirt with PE shorts, socks and trainers
  • 25th July Last day of term (school ends at 1:15pm)

Gentle reminder: Please ensure your child has a water bottle and sun hat in school every day until the end of term. Please apply sun cream before bringing your child to school.

Foundation Stage Blog – 30 June 2017

We have continued our ‘Under the Sea’ theme this week and the children have learnt about water pollution. We have been thinking about ways to save our environment during talks about recycling and some children chose to create their own eco-saving posters, which will be put on display in the classrooms as reminder to the children.

The children have developed their understanding of place value (tens and ones) and addition. We have also been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.

During English the children have explored different types of writing linked to the under the sea theme, such as writing a list for going snorkelling, writing about a snorkelling adventure, thinking of descriptive words and putting them into sentences, writing rhyming sentences and writing captions.

On Thursday Miss Norman brought in her pet tortoise ‘Fluffy’ and the children enjoyed watching her move around the classroom and asked some fantastic questions about reptiles. After snack time some children were very engaged and excited when they were given the opportunity to touch and feed Fluffy.

Sports Day preparations have begun and the children have shown their competitive steak when racing against their peers, next week we will be practising the bean bag throw and obstacle course. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school from Monday ready for Sports Day practises.

Foundation Stage Blog – 23 June 2017

The children took responsibility for organising a new outdoor area this week when the builders arrived to start building a new magical classroom ready for September.

They have enjoyed lots of water play in the sun and have been busy making water slides with pieces of guttering. On Monday afternoon the children were visited by PC Townsend, who talked about all of the things a policeman has to wear and explained what each piece of equipment was used for. The children were amazed to see a real police car in the school car park and covered their ears as they listened to the loud sirens.

On Wednesday the children participated in Languages Day and explored different activities within their country teams. Some activities included Spanish singing, visiting the café to taste food from around the world, sign language, learning about parts of the body in French and learning how to count in Spanish.

The topic of under the sea has continued this week and the children have been creatively making animals and have enjoyed learning more about sea life. We have been watching videos about animals under the sea filmed by David Attenborough. The children have made their own under the sea area in FSR and have been enjoying travelling around the ocean in a submarine.

Foundation Stage Blog – 16 June 2017

When the Foundation Stage children came into school on Monday they had a surprise waiting for them…. some of the butterflies had come out of their cocoons!! They enjoyed watching the butterflies flying around the butterfly net and looked carefully at the parts of the butterfly. We have been recapping the life cycle of a butterfly during class discussions and on Wednesday afternoon the children were excited about releasing their butterflies back into the wild and watching them fly away.

The children have dived into the deep blue sea with their new topic this week, where they have learnt about animals which live in the ocean. They have been actively making a new hall display to showcase their creative and writing skills, whilst also sharing some animal facts. It has been wonderful to see the children going on their own underwater adventures and dressing up as mermaids in the outdoor area.

During recent weeks, the children have shown increasing confidence to write sentences independently and are developing their understanding of using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. This week the children have been writing about sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, octopus and clown fish. 

During Maths this week the children have been continuing repeating patterns, halving groups of objects, following directional clues to move around a treasure map and developing their understanding of addition using dominoes. It would be fantastic to hear that the children have carried out their own research about sea animals using non-fiction books and the internet.

Foundation Stage Blog – 9 June 2017

It was lovely to see the Foundation Stage children’s enthusiasm as they rushed back into school to see how their caterpillars had changed. They were amazed to see that the caterpillars are now in their cocoons and are watching every day, hoping to see some butterflies emerging soon. After being shrunk with some magical ‘shrinking spray’ the mini-foundation stage children went on an adventure around the school grounds, through the eyes of a mini-beast. When they returned to the classroom the children were amazed to see their mini-me pictures displayed on the interactive whiteboard and this provided much excitement and inspired the children’s writing.

During ICT this week the children were set the challenge of using a school iPad to take a photo, some children showed their confidence to take their own selfies (some examples of these can be seen below)!

Within maths this week the children have been recapping their knowledge of finding one more/one less than a given number up to 20, practising writing their numbers as far as they can and have engaged in problem solving activities.

It has been lovely to see that so many children have completed their half term home learning challenges with such detail and creativity, we have been amazed with the mini-beast models they have brought into school.

Thank you for your continued support, it is always a delight to see the children engaging in their learning at home.

Foundation Stage Blog – 26 May 2017

This week started with great excitement when the postman delivered some caterpillars for the Foundation Stage children. They have enthusiastically observed how the caterpillars have changed this week and were been surprised at how quickly the caterpillars have been growing and changing each day. The children are looking forward to seeing how the caterpillars will change and grow while the teachers’ look after them during the half term holiday. The children have created their own caterpillar feeding pots in the making area and are caring for them each and every day.

During the week some children attended a trial session for Balanceability where they practised riding a bike without pedals, showing increasing control of their body whilst also developing their balance skills.

In Maths the children have been learning about halving and the importance of sharing objects/ shapes into two equal groups, they were engaged in their learning when faced with a real-life challenge of sharing a box of raisins equally with a partner. The children were only allowed to eat their raisins once an adult had checked their halving skills, this proved to be a fantastic incentive for accurate counting and halving. It would lovely to see the children halving food at home e.g. smarties.

During our English lessons this week the children have been focusing on writing simple sentences about different minibeasts.

Please look out for the half-term learning challenge in your child’s book bag, which includes some information about how to support your child to write sentences at home.

Foundation Stage Blog – 19 May 2017

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about mini-beasts and their habitats this week. We are excited about starting up our own butterfly farm, the butterfly net has arrived and the eggs are on their way! We will watch the eggs turn into caterpillars and then hope to see some butterflies hatching out of their cocoons after half term.

The children went on a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds and then continued this in the outdoor area during their independent learning, it was fantastic to hear the children’s screams of excitement when they found mini-beasts.

The children have been busy preparing a vegetable planter ready to plant our seeds on Friday, hoping the weather holds out until the seeds are in. It was lovely to see the children exploring the world around them and finding mini-beasts all around them. We will be continuing the topic of mini-beasts next week and it would be excellent to see the children writing sentences and making their own mini-beast fact books at home.

During Maths this week we have been talking about capacity and the vocabulary of full, empty, half full, quarter full, three quarters full, nearly full and nearly empty. We have looked at doubling ladybird spots and made a mini-beast bar graph.

The children have been very busy showing their creativity through making and painting their own versions of their favourite mini-beast. The theme of mini-beasts continued during our ICT lesson and the children used 2Simple 2Publish to draw a mini-beast and then write sentences underneath.

Tip for home: Make a bug hotel in your garden and see which mini-beasts come to visit.

Foundation Stage Blog – 16 May 2017

This week the Foundation Stage children have been learning about different cultures, beliefs and traditions. We talked about places of worship and festivals/ celebrations. The children listened to two parents talking about their religion and their beliefs. We would like to say a massive thank you to Fatima and Eli’s mums for giving up their time to talk to the children. We have been discussing the importance of respecting others and developing an understanding of how we are different from each other.

During Maths the children have recapped their understanding of finding one more and one less than a given number up to 20, coin recognition and making amounts using coins. The children enjoyed being given positional clues to draw a shape picture and then they had to give a partner positional instructions to create a picture/ pattern. We have been learning about estimating and the children were able to identify whether their estimate was more or less than the actual amount of objects.

The children were amazing during their first swimming lessons this week and it was fantastic to see so many happy, smiling children who are showing increasing confidence in the water.

Lastly the children have been reading words and identifying the ones which rhyme and then they were asked to think of their own words to rhyme with a given word e.g. cat.

Foundation Stage Blog- 28 April 2017

We have continued our journey into space this week and the children were fascinated to find out about our solar system.

  • We have been learning about the planets, the moon and the sun through looking at facts on the computer and in non-fiction books.
  • The children learnt about how the earth orbits the sun and how we are always spinning but they cannot feel it.
  • This has inspired some independent writing about ‘if an alien came to visit our planet’ and the children have been exploring the moon using shaving foam, glitter, moon rocks and alien lego figures.
  • We have watched a video about a real astronaut… Tim Peake and learnt about what life is like in space.
  • We talked about how our planet Earth is different to being in space and developed a basic understanding of gravity.

On Tuesday the children were visited by a road ranger called Lewis who taught the children all about how to keep safe near roads and how to cross the road safely.

  • The children learnt four key words and actions to help them when crossing the road (hand, stop, look and listen).
  • They listened to a story about road safety and met Lewis’ friend.

During Maths this week the children have demonstrated their understanding of addition using counting objects and number lines. They have recapped their previous knowledge of place value and what 2-digit numbers mean/ represent and looked at time (days of the week, months of the year, seasons, hours, minutes, seconds, time related vocabulary e.g. yesterday/ tomorrow).

Top Tip for the week:

When practising addition with your child at home here are some ideas:

  • Ask your child to create an addition using single digits (e.g. 5+2=) or write an addition for them to complete.
  • Using objects: Ask your child to count out the amount of objects for the first number and put them in a group, then ask your child to count out objects for the second number and put this in a different group. Push the groups of objects together and count how many to find the answer.
  • Using a number line: Alternatively if using a number line, circle the first number in the number sentence, jump on the amount for the second number and then circle the number you land on/ the answer. We hope to see the children doing lots of adding at home to consolidate their learning and develop their mathematical understanding further (see picture example).

Foundation Stage Blog – 21 April 2017

This week we have launched our mission into space through the story of Whatever Next! Your children may well wish to follow baby bears idea of making a rocket out of a box, moon boots using wellington boots or a space helmet using a colander to go on their own space adventure at home. Our junk modelling supplies are starting to run low due to the children being keen to make their own jet packs or space rockets, any junk modelling materials would be gratefully received (please ensure these are nut free).

During Maths we have discussed the concept of halving and started to make the link between halving and doubling as opposites. When introducing halving the staff emphasized half being when objects are split into two equal groups/ parts.

We have been very impressed with all the children’s Easter holiday challenge work that has brought in this week and very much look forward to a busy term of learning and fun.

Foundation Stage Blog – 24 March 2017

The children have started to talk about Easter this week and listened to a story about Easter traditions. They showed great excitement when using beebots for the first time and input directions for the beebot to follow, using mathematical language.

During Maths this week the children have continued to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction. Some children have been applying this during their independent learning, which has been fantastic to see!

We have been busy making a surprise for our mummies and nanny’s, we hope you like it.

The children were excited about watching the Year 3/4 dress rehearsal of ‘The adventures of Super Stan’.

We have been writing about who is special to us and why as part of our golden book writing and it has been wonderful to see the children progressing with their writing abilities. They are starting to apply their phonic knowledge when making phonetically plausible spelling attempts and writing simple sentences. E.g. “My mummy hugs me.”

We ended the week with great excitement celebrating Red Nose Day, the children watched short videos about why we raise money for Red Nose Day and how fortunate they are.

Foundation Stage Blog – 10 March 2017

In Foundation Stage this week we have used the story Why I love my mummy to talk about the special people in our lives and what they do for us. During ICT the children developed their ability to use a keyboard when type sentences, whilst referring to an a-z letter strip containing both upper and lower case letters for support. It was fantastic to see the children persevering when searching for a letter on the keyboard. We also talked about the ‘enter’ ‘delete’ and ‘space bar’ keys.

This week’s Maths began with a recap of o’clock and telling the time, which led into sequencing events into time order. Following this the children explored heavier and lighter when measuring the weight of different classroom objects. They predicted how many cubes an object would weigh and then accurately measured how many cubes they would need to make the scales balance with the classroom object. To end the week the children recapped their prior learning about coins and recognising coin values, they built on this knowledge when making amounts using coins, adding two priced objects and calculating change from 10p.

Next week the children will be exploring place value and understanding how two-digit numbers (1-30) are split into tens and ones. It would be wonderful to hear ways in which the children have explored numbers in the local environment (e.g. numbers on clocks, buses, road signs) at home.

Foundation Stage Blog – 3 March 2017

The Foundation Stage children have continued to explore the theme of transport this week and were excited to see the role play area transform into a car garage. We have looked at the stories of Fix it duck  and Room on the Broom, where the children were able to sequence pictures from a story and use them as a prompt when orally retelling a story to a partner.

During Maths the children recapped previous learning about doubling and then they looked at the way in which halving is the opposite of doubling. Following this we have been looking at ordering a group of objects by height/length from the shortest to the tallest/longest. The children enthusiastically explored how to use a ruler or unifix cubes when measuring the length of different objects.

On Thursday the classrooms were filled with book characters as the children celebrated World Book Day. It was fantastic to see the children talking about which character they were and which story they were from.

This week the children received their first school ‘library book’ and ‘free choice’ book, please can these be kept in the children’s book bag, along with their yellow reading diaries, each day.

Foundation Stage Blog – 24 February 2017

This week the children were introduced to the topic of ‘Transport’. We have talked about road safety and different forms of transport, which included making comparisons about types of transport around the world. The children were inspired to imagine, create and paint their own vehicles.

During ICT the children engaged in an interactive game where they were required to identify the initial sounds in words, this activity allowed the children to continue to develop their mouse skills. In Maths Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk left the children a letter, setting them a problem to solve. The children had to identify which container would be most suitable for him to carry all of his magic beans in.

We have also explored the concept of capacity and discussed different volumes of liquid, which include quarter full, half full, three quarters full and full.

We ended the week by looking at 3D and 2D shapes and making comparisons between them.

This week we have sent out some reading guidance and your child’s first set of High Frequency Words (HFW). We are hoping to send out library books and ‘free choice’ books for the children next week, so look for these.

Please download/read our Reading guidance 2017 (PDF)

Foundation Stage Blog – 10 February 2017

The children’s imaginations have come alive this week through story themed activities based around ‘Fairy tales’. We started by reading the story of Cinderella and throughout the week children have engaged in a variety of activities linked to the story. These included story sequencing, writing sentences about the story and writing invitations for their very own party. Some children took their imaginations outside to build Cinderella’s carriage with horses, whilst other children took on the role of Cinderella to tidy the FS area both inside and outside. We talked about the parts of a story and the features of a fairy tale, which led to the children going on a fairy tale book hunt during their independent learning.

During Maths the children have developed their problem solving skills through practical activities where they looked at sharing golden coins fairly, predicting what would happen if… (e.g. what would happen if I add one more toy in the box?) doubling numbers up to five and solving addition problems using dice.

When we went to the ICT room this week the children learnt about e-safety to celebrate National E-Safety Day on Tuesday 7th February. We watched E-safety videos and read E-safety stories, which the children used as inspiration to create their own picture of ‘Smartie the Penguin’ using 2Simple 2Publish software.

The children learnt a song about e-safety:

Before you click, click, click.

You’ve got to think, think, think…

And tell someone!

 The Foundation Stage staff hope all the children have a lovely, restful half term.

Foundation Stage Blog – 3 February 2017

In Foundation Stage this week we have focused on reading through activities such as guided reading, oral retelling of a story and acting out the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ using a story sack. The children demonstrated their understanding of the Chinese New Year story by completing an independent activity involving drawing illustrations and some children started to write simple words and sentences.

They developed their understanding of the importance of keeping their hands clean, through ‘getting their hands dirty’ and then washing their hands, alongside the use of songs. This was applied during their independent learning where they took great care to make sure their hands were squeaky clean and germ free.

This week’s topic has been Chinese New Year and the children have enjoyed learning about the Chinese traditions during class discussions and choreographed their own dragon dance in PE. The addition of a Chinese takeaway role play area has been of great excitement and the children have dressed up in traditional Chinese outfits when taking peoples orders. They have experimented with using chopsticks to pick up noodles and had great fun making fortune tellers, Chinese lanterns and rooster pictures. Following this the children completed sequencing and ordering numbers activities using a Chinese dragon game in ICT.

Foundation Stage Blog – 27 January 2017

The children’s fascination with ice continued this week and the frosty weather allowed them to set up their own ice investigations in the outdoor area. They put some water in a tray with some dinosaurs to make a ‘frozen dinosaur land’, filled containers/ moulds with water and then left them over night to see what would happen. The children were so excited when they arrived at school the next day, some children had to have a sneaky peak at what had happened before they went to their classrooms! We talked about why some of the water in the bigger or deeper containers hadn’t turned into ice yet and we looked at the variations in thickness of ice. The children were amazed to learn about how frost and colder weather turns water into ice. We learnt about why some containers had thicker ice and some containers only had a thin layer of ice. E.g. The dinosaur land only had a very thin layer of ice because the tray had been left under a covered area.

This week’s Maths focused on finding one more and one less using numicon and number lines. We also learnt about how to complete subtractions using counting objects and number lines.

During our Topic discussions we thought about the different feelings characters from the film Inside Out. The children thought of times when they had felt like each of the characters and we discussed that it is ok to feel different emotions and the importance of knowing what to do when they are feeling sadness or anger.

The children participated in their first guided reading session this week, using a picture book. The children learnt about a blurb and answered oral comprehensions questions about the text. They enjoyed making predictions about what might happen next. It was wonderful to hear the children talking about the pictures in the book with a partner.