Heatwave – Level 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have received the following alert from Public Health with regards to the current level 3 heatwave:

`A level 3 heatwave alert has been issued. This means that temperatures are very likely to rise to levels that increase the risk of ill health among vulnerable people.

`Children’s susceptibility to high temperatures varies; those under four years of age, who are overweight, or who are taking certain medication may be at increased risk of adverse effects. Some children with disabilities or complex health needs may be more susceptible to high temperatures. Children with breathing conditions such as asthma or COPD may be more affected when there are high air pollution levels together with hot weather.’

“Stay out of the sun. Keep your home as cool as possible – shading windows and shutting them during the day may help. Open them when it is cooler at night. Keep drinking fluids. If there’s anybody you know, for example an older person living on their own, who might be at special risk, make sure they know what to do.”

At Beechwood it is imperative that children:

  • Bring in a wide brimmed hat
  • Have sun cream applied before leaving home
  • Bring in a water bottle (if your child does not have a water bottle during this heatwave, they may bring in a plastic cup)

We will ensure children play under the shade as much as we can at break time and lunchtime. The field is out of use during this time.

PE lessons will take place inside. Alternative indoor clubs will be provided for all children due to take part in lunchtime or after school clubs.

Invitational games will be reviewed tomorrow, we will advise parents of the outcome.

Yours sincerely

Miss Sarah Curtis

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