Beechwood Primary School


Our whole school attendance target is 96.5%. Regular attendance is of paramount importance in ensuring that all children have full access to the curriculum. Valuable learning time is lost when children are absent or late and there is a long-term impact if lateness becomes a habit.

We ask parents/guardian’s to notify the school on the first day of any absence either by phone, e-mail or letter. If a child does not arrive at school and we have received no message, concern about the child’s welfare will trigger a phone call home from the office.

Parents/guardians are requested to take annual holidays during the school breaks. In line with government initiatives, no holidays in term time will be authorised. 

Please help us to ensure your child receives the very best education by attending school regularly.

Holidays during term time

Holidays during term time are not encouraged and may not be authorised. If you need to take your child out of school during term time, you must seek permission from the Headteacher. Please ask for a ‘Leave of Absence Form’ from the School Office.