Beechwood is a great place to be

“Beechwood is one of the best things that has happened in our lives. Our two boys absolutely love the school.

What sets Beechwood apart from other schools is the atmosphere it provides to the students to not only do well in studies but to become a complete person by bringing the best out of them through discipline and a good mix of activities such as sports, music and drama.

The school offers a friendly atmosphere with handpicked teachers who are along with being good at their core acedemic subjects are also experienced in providing additional mentoring and coaching in the arts, computing, languages, literature, music and sports.

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The school has certainly transformed both our sons and has made them confident boys who can take up any challenges thrown at them.

We are so proud of Aryaman being chosen as ‘Head Boy’ and equally our younger son Abhigyan who despite being one of the youngest in his class, has been chosen as the ‘School Council Member.”

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