Beechwood to join Frays Academy Trust

As you may recall, the May 2018 Ofsted inspection required Beechwood to become an academy and join a multi-academy trust (MAT). 

Since that time the IEB, in conjunction with the local authority, has been researching local MATs, and their suitability to support school improvement at Beechwood while maintaining our community ethos. Several options were explored, and the findings were submitted to the Regional Schools Commissioner for consideration. 

The Headteacher Board met last week and appointed Frays Academy Trust as official sponsor of Beechwood. The remaining legal and technical aspects of conversion are expected to be concluded next term. This is great news, as it provides much needed continuity, along with specialist skills and a track record of school improvement. This is another positive step forward for Beechwood and will allow us to build on the support already provided by Frays. 

As part of the process Frays Academy Trust were required to submit a detailed school improvement plan. This will provide Beechwood with additional capacity and allow us to draw on the many resources available to the Trust. Although the Academy conversion date is not expected to be before April 1, we will be working closely with Frays, taking advantage of the support and resources we need to improve outcomes for Beechwood pupils. 

A shadow governing body has now been formed from the local community and this will meet for the first-time next week, gradually taking responsibility for governance of the school. It will formally become the local governing body when conversion has been completed. 

In the New Year we will arrange a meeting for parents at which we will introduce Chris Cole, CEO of Frays Academy Trust, so that you can hear directly about Frays and ask any question you might have. 

Seasons best wishes from the IEB and thank you for your continued support. 

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