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Day 4 – 17 June 2016

Good morning,

We’re off to an early start this morning! The children have had breakfast and are heading to Nausicaa, one of the best aquariums in Europe.

Despite an early start and lots of travelling, today was a highlight for many of the children – they absolutely loved the aquarium. Great excitement and enthusiasm as they saw sharks up close, the penguins being fed, seals performing, alligators, turtles and sting rays (which they could touch). Lovely to see them having so much fun and to see them being wowed!

One final post from France 2016. All children are home safe and sound having had the time of their lives. They have been extremely well behaved and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them – so thank you Year 6 – you are amazing! Thank you also to Mrs Minter and Mrs Lord who spent hours putting the trip together but sadly couldn’t come. Mrs Freeman, Mr Sewell and Mr Lovegrove were a fantastic team – thank you for doing a great job of looking after the children.

I hope you all enjoy hearing about your child’s fantastic memories.

Thanks for all your support and kind words on our return – it was appreciated! Time for bed now ? Bonsoir Miss Timms, Mr Lovegrove, Mrs Freeman and Mr Sewell.

Day 3 – 16 June 2016

Good morning from France! The children have slept well and we’re off to an early start. Today we’re visiting a supermarket, a town and we’re hoping to spend the afternoon by the beach.

Bonjour from the top of Mont-Saint-Michel!

What a fabulous day our year 6s have had!! A very early 6:30am start was worth it for what followed: A superb visit and climb up to the Abbey of Mont San Michel with beautiful weather; a visit to the town of Arromanche with a play on the beach; delicious ice cream (a choice of 42 flavours); a visit to the French supermarket (your children know how to spend ?) and back to the chateau for a swim in the evening sun, a bbq for dinner and more ice cream. Now they are bopping away to the tunes of YMCA and Uptown Funk. Great day had by all – ‘almost time for bed’ said four tired teachers with a smile!

Day 2 – 15 June 2016

Bonjour! Good morning all. Children were fantastic last night – straight to bed, not a peep out of them and almost all of them needed a gentle wake up this morning as they were fast asleep. They’ve enjoyed a continental breakfast (pain au chocolat went down well). The sun is shining and we have a great day ahead.

Bonne après-midi! We’re currently at a goats’ cheese farm in Ferme du Mesnil. The children are really enjoying this!

Another awesome day – French lesson, Bayeaux town, cathedral and tapestry, goats cheese farm and tasting (which they loved), American cemetery, Omaha beach, swimming, frogs leg and snail tasting (most of the children tried), sports on the field … and bed! Zzzzzzzzz

Day 1 – 14 June 2016

06.59am:  Bonjour! Year 6 are off to France for four days of adventure and fun. Stay in touch with what they’re up to via our social media accounts.

11.36am:  Arrived in France and having a quick break – all happy and having fun!

We are pleased to report that all 32 children and 4 adults have arrived safely at Chateau du Molay. The children are super excited after behaving extremely well on a very long coach journey. A visit to Honfleur was thoroughly enjoyed by all – such a beautiful town – even the sun came out for a short while … But then again so did the rain! Children are now enjoying ‘It’s a knock out’ on the lawn outside. Bedtime soon

All in bed after a busy day. Tomorrow we’re having a French lesson, visiting the Bayeux Tapestry, visiting the beach and going swimming, amongst other things. Night all!

France 2016 – Day 1