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Year 1/2 Making/Baking Cookies – June 2016

Year 1/2 have been making cookies this week, chilli chocolate flavour as part of their Mexican theme.

Have a look at the finished products below – YUMMY!

Year 1/2 Making/Baking Cookies – June 2016

Bringing The Great Fire of London to life…

Key Stage 1 have continued their topic work surrounding The Great fire of London with great enthusiasm. This week we have focused on some key people who experienced the event. We have spent time investigating Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys and have used our work to write play scripts to retell the events of September 2nd 1666. We then re-enacted the events of 1666 using puppets. Please see below a few of the videos recorded.

In Maths we have developed our subtraction strategies, with the children becoming increasingly confident when using empty number lines and/or rulers as number lines.

Year 2 continue to improve their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills and we are very appreciative of the support they are receiving from home through the completion of home learning activities.

Many thanks,

Key Stage 1 team

Science, investigating materials…

This week the children have continued to enjoy our topic work focused on ‘The Great Fire of London’. To ensure topic work covers all curriculum areas, this week saw a Science focus with the children investigating materials. We thought about which materials would have been used at the time, their properties and how these may have been one of the factors that allowed the fire to spread so quickly.

In Maths we have improved our knowledge of addition and can now use a variety of strategies to solve addition problems.

The children continue to improve their literacy and reading skills through Read Write Inc. and Literacy and Language lessons.

A very hard working week for all the adults and children involved.

Many Thanks for all you help and support.

The Great Fire of London…

The children have had a fantastic first full week back and all seem refreshed and eager to learn.  This term, many children have begun a new Read Write Inc group, whilst others have finished the programme and progressed onto Literacy and Language. Well done Key Stage 1!

This week saw the children immerse themselves in our new topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. The children have enjoyed sequencing the events and have drawn some superb pictures using a variety of media to show how the streets of London may have looked. In computing the children have started to work on their own computer animations of these events, we hope to upload these when complete.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Key Stage 1 team

Welcome back KS1…

Welcome back Key Stage 1.

After a fantastic Nativity production and a very hard working Autumn term, Key Stage 1 hope that you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break.

This term we will be starting a new topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. We will be investigating what caused the fire, imagining how people would have felt at that time and creating our own models to represent London.

The new topic focused home learning grids will be given out this Friday. Maths along with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar home learning will resume next week.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Key Stage 1 team

Pirates, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

The week before half term was certainly very busy for KS1. We completed some fantastic writing about the adventures of a very clumsy pirate called Pirate Plank and his parrot Nelson​.  Mrs Caswell kindly brought her parrot in to inspire the children, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The same week on the 23rd October 1/2 FJ had their class assembly. It was a wonderful assembly and it was clear how hard the children had practised. We really appreciated the support of the 1/2 FJ parents in providing costumes, props and for so many of you watching our performance.  Thank you!

Friday was indeed very busy… Later that day we had a mental maths competition.  The children did a fantastic job and the KS1 staff were all very proud of their efforts.

A new half term saw the children begin a new topic ‘Out of shadows’. The children have certainly been enjoying learning about different sources of light, along with the history Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot.

There will be a slight change to the children’s home learning from this half term. You may have noticed that the Year 2’s received 3 pieces of home learning. However, the Year 1’s continued to receive just 2. This is due to the introduction of a new national spelling, punctuation and grammar assessment  for the Year 2’s.

From now on all children will need to complete

  • One activity from the grid.
  • The maths activity provided by your child’s Maths teacher
  • In addition, the Year 2’s will need to complete
  • An activity sheet to support our work on their spelling, punctuation and grammar

We would very much like to thank you for your continued support this year.

The Key Stage 1 team

Key Stage 1 Pirates

Harvest Festival…

It’s been another busy week in Key Stage 1…

We started our week attending the Harvest festival, where 1/2 D performed a poem and song brilliantly. The rest of Key Stage 1 put their assembly singing practise in to very good use joining in with the whole school singing of Harvest songs.

Beyond the Harvest festival we are still working hard on our ‘Ahoy me hearties!’ topic and the children are continuing to relish the opportunity to learn more about pirates and their lives.  We have seen some fantastic pieces of home learning, with the children building their own pirate ships and we would like to thank you for your continued support in helping the children to produce such superb pieces.  Next week will be our final week on this topic and the children will be creating their own pirate portraits.

Miss Fields

Pirate and sea pictures

Year 1/2 have been learning how to use paint tools to create piratey pictures in ICT lessons. Check out some of these amazing creations.

Welcome back…

Welcome back Key Stage 1.

The children have made a fantastic start to the autumn term. Well done! We have received some superb pieces of summer home learning and we really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this. Thank you.

This week we will be starting our first topic “Ahoy me hearties” where we will be using our history and geography skills to investigate the life and work of a pirate. We will also be developing our singing skills through sea shanty songs and we hope to perform these later on in the term.

Flower Power…Spring Assembly…

It’s been another busy week in Key Stage 1…

We have been continuing our hard work on our Flower Power topic, but have taken some time away from it recently to learn about nocturnal animals and the recent solar eclipse. We have drawn some fantastic nocturnal animal posters and discussed the habitats they live in. We finished our solar eclipse work by using pastels to draw night time and solar eclipse scenes. A big thank you to Mr Pechell who helped to improve our artistic and observational drawing skills.

The week finished with 1/2 MF’s Spring assembly where the children described the weather and changes we see in Spring and sang Spring songs. All the children worked extremely hard to learn their assembly parts and did a superb job. Well done !

After the Easter holidays we will be starting our new topic “Reach for the sky” where we will be learning about the life and work of Douglas Bader.

Key Stage 1 would like to wish you a very Happy Easter.

Spring is on its way…

We have had an exciting week in Key Stage 1!

Our current Topic theme is called Flower Power so we have been learning all about the different signs of Spring that we can see around us in nature. As we have had warm weather and sunshine we have spent lots of time outside looking for the signs we have learned about.

Our focus during the afternoons this week has been Science. We had already written fantastic setting descriptions of a Spring morning which were so good that we had to go and read them to Upper Key Stage 2. Our use of vocabulary has improved dramatically this year and we are getting better at structuring sentences.

One of the most exciting things we have done this week is learn about lifecycles. We have concentrated on the lifecycle of a frog but we have also learned about butterflies as well. We all went outside to the school Nature Garden and collected frogspawn for the classrooms. Now we are waiting (not very patiently!) to find out what will happen when the tadpoles hatch and begin to develop…

Next week we will be learning about the solar eclipse (find out more about the solar eclipse on CBBC Newsround) that is taking place on Friday 20th March…

Miss Anderson

The Science Centre…

This week has been very exciting for all the children in Key Stage One as we had our school trip to the Winchester Science Centre.

On Wednesday 4th March all the children in Year 1 and 2 travelled to Winchester to visit the Science Centre and Planetarium. We left school very early but all the children arrived at school on time with huge excitement!

We made good time and arrived at the centre just as it opened where we were welcomed by the education staff. First we saw a fabulous show in the planetarium which included seeing the earth, moon, sun and stars in the night sky above us; the children learned about the various constellations in the sky and picked out their personal favourites. Mrs Baker was invited up to the front to play the part of the sun (using a torch) orbiting the earth which demonstrated night and day.

Throughout the whole day the children were impeccably behaved and were excellent role models for Beechwood.

After the planetarium show the children were split into two groups and took it in turns to look around the centre and take part in a workshop. The workshop, although educational, was a lot of fun with the children in teams building the best rocket they could.  The children came up with names for their teams and then predicted how long their rocket could stay up in the air.

Once the rockets were built the children went outside to see their rockets launched which was the best bit!  The teams pumped air into their rockets that contained water until the compressed air forced the rockets into the air.  The best rockets remained in the air for almost 3 seconds.  Evidently the longest time a rocket can remain in the sky is 3 ½ seconds so Beechwood did very well!

The centre is full of hands on Science activities and the children had plenty of time to explore, learn and ask questions about what they experienced.  Then after a trip to the shop the buses returned back to school.

The whole day was a huge success and hopefully the children came home having learned something new about Science.  Well done Key Stage One you were an asset to the school – what a fabulous day!

KS1 Science Trip  (102) KS1 Science Trip  (114) KS1 Science Trip  (36)
KS1 Science Trip  (5) KS1 Science Trip  (29) KS1 Science Trip  (54)


Flower Power…

ks1-dolan-1ks1-dolan-2This week Key Stage One have been beginning to explore their new topic ‘Flower Power.’ Throughout the topic we will be looking at nature including plants, animals and the weather during Spring. The children are as enthralled as usual with this topic and have begun to create their classes’ topic tables and working walls.

The children are fantastically enthusiastic and take it upon themselves to bring in items from home to contribute to the display and were given time within lessons to find books, materials and objects from around the school.

We begun the topic by writing a descriptive piece of writing about Spring, which some of us proudly read to a Year 5/6 class (who were astonished by our adjectives). Ask me about it at home and I will happily tell you all about Spring!