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PTA AGM – 21 September 2015

The PTA AGM is due to take place at 7.00pm next Monday the 21st September 2015 at school.

As announced at the end of last term the current Chair and Vice-Chair are stepping down from September 2015 to allow others to join the committee.

If you would like to be considered for these roles please do come along to the AGM on Monday.

PTA AGM – 21 Sept 2015

Woodley Carnival Procession 2015

Congratulations to the Beechwood Carnival Team for winning the best walking float!

Well done to everyone involved!

Woodley Carnival 2015

Helping children in the Gambia

Old ComputersNot only have the children at Beechwood benefited from the recent IT refurbishment but so have children in the Gambia!

Thanks to Mr Blackaby and the 2nd Woodley Scout Group our old computers are being sent to the Gambia to help children in their schools.

Please find below a letter of thanks from the people arranging the shipment…

Many thanks to the 2nd Woodley Scout Group for all their help in providing us with the latest consignment of computers.

Please tell Beechwood Primary School that these ‘obsolete’ computers will be exported to The Gambia, West Africa where they will used to introduce pupils in local schools to the wonderful world of Information Technology.

Whilst we in the UK take for granted E-mails and surfing the net etc. these students are only just learning about the World Wide Web.

By donating computers no longer required by our modern society, people in third world countries are only just coming to terms with the wider world.

Please, on behalf of my colleague who organises the exportation, accept many thanks to all for their generosity and support.

As soon as I have photographs from the schools I will forward them to you so that the children in England can see how the computers are making such an impact on the local Gambia Communities.

Many thanks.


Beechwood pupils get on their bikes this summer!

2015-06-03 12.49.46Beechwood Primary School in Woodley has had a great start back to the summer term, with the launch of their new bike club. The primary school is now the proud owner of 20 children’s bikes, all available for the pupils to ride, having won a grant for the bikes.

Following a pitch to Myjourney, a sustainable transport government scheme, where Beechwood had to present what they would use the bikes for, the school won a grant to enable more sustainable transport. Beechwood spent the funding on a bike storage shed and 20 lightweight aluminium children’s bikes for pupils in Year 3 and above to use.

The bikes will enable pupils to join the new Beechwood Bike Club, where they will receive bike training and they will also be used for PE lessons. For students that live further away from the school, they can simply borrow the bikes, without having the issue of how to get their own bike to school, to take part in cycling proficiency tests.

2015-06-03 12.48.04Gordon Davies, headteacher at Beechwood Primary School said: “We are delighted to have won the grant from MyJourney and expand our sports offering even further to our pupils.

At Beechwood, we pride ourselves on offering our youngsters a wide range of clubs and activities both during school time and when lessons have finished. We work hard to ensure that children find out what they are good at, and these bikes are a fantastic opportunity to open up the world of cycling to them. I’m sure it won’t be long before we are seeing the next Chris Hoys in the making!”

House Tag Rugby Results – Monday 30th March 2015

House Tag Rugby Results

Blue 3 v 5 Red

Yellow 6 v 6 Green

Green 5 v 3 Blue

Red 10 v 4 Yellow

Red 7 v 3 Green

Blue 5 v 7 Yellow

House Tag Rugby – Final Table

House Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Red 3 3 0 0 9
Green 3 1 1 1 4
Yellow 3 1 1 1 4
Blue 3 0 0 3 0


Spelling Competition – Friday 27th & Tuesday 31st March 2015

Year 1

1st  Lauren Watkins [Blue]

2nd  Adbullah Mirza [Yellow]

3rd  Daniel Stiff [Green]

4th  Adam Grierson [Red]

Year 2

1st  Nora Djotni [Red]

1st  Spencer Pengraeve [Yellow]

3rd  Daniel Henley [Blue]

3rd  Isaac Jenner [Green]

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

1st  Ellie Watkiss [Blue]

1st  Holly Oakley [Red]

3rd  Adhvyth Anand [Green]

4th  Janis Zelenka [Yellow]

Year 6

1st  Ruben Calutas [Green]

2nd  Alex Routledge [Red]

2nd  Rebecca Mummery [Blue]

2nd  Lois Casey [Yellow]

1/2D Cake Sale


1/2D raised a grand total of £80.40 from the cake sale on Friday 6th March.

Well done to all the children and Miss Anderson!

Years 5 and 6 visit Winchester Theatre

ibelieveinunicorns-mainI Believe in Unicorns…

Last half-term Years 5 and 6 visited Winchester Theatre to watch Theatre Alibi’s production of I Believe in Unicorns. They had been studying this book within their English lessons. The show focused around a young boy grappling with a country at war and the struggle he, his family and his friends faced due to this.

The actors and actresses were brilliant – a real joy to watch; they recreated the story perfectly.

After the show the children were lucky enough to meet the cast and the director and ask any questions that they had. This was something
that they particularly enjoyed, and that we’re thankful to Theatre Alibi for organising.

Winchester Theatre Trip [I Believe In Unicorns] – February 2015

NSPCC Maths Challenge


Congratulations to all the children who completed the Maths Challenge to raise money for the NSPCC.

We are so proud to announce that we raised a massive £2,300.75 for this wonderful charity.

Kim Williams of the NSPCC presented the cheque in a special assembly to mark the event.


Care for the Kennet – Class 3/4Cu

At Beechwood we are always doing something interesting, previously it was the Titanic however this time we wanted to do something more hands on!

Today we are helping to save the River Kennet, supported by Ark – a charity dedicated fighting water pollution. Children in year 3/4 have been given the task of hatching 120 trout eggs, and in the process also finding out where our food comes from.

In the wild just 1 out of 100 eggs survive predators and pollution to become an adult fish, so it is not an easy task for any budding Nemo’s!  Children have to understand the importance of keeping the water (and rivers!) clean, otherwise our fish wouldn’t survive. They also need to carefully monitor the temperature (fish don’t like hot showers, but prefer a rather chilly 10 degrees!), and the tank must stay dark and calm.

(Young fish are the shy retiring types – and normally hatch under stones away from currents and sunlight).

At first several eggs didn’t survive and had to be carefully removed, however under the children’s careful watch over 50 eggs have hatched, and are now wriggling around eating their egg sacks.  Exciting news but it is not over yet as tomorrow we need to start feeding them to help them grow into a young fish that can survive in the wild.

By the time we let them go into the wild they will be 10cm long, and will eventually grow to be over 3 times that size!

ARK-Fish-1So tomorrow when you are having dinner, think of the struggles your poor fish has endured to make it to your plate!

It has been a great experience for the children to see the changes and the stages on the life cycle of a trout and how hard it is for some creatures to survive if we don’t look after their environment. We are planning to release them back into the river in around 6 weeks to increase the declining number of fish in the river.

Stay tuned for more (older!) fish tales!

View ARK’s website at

Mrs Cuellar

Maths Curriculum Evening

There is a Maths Curriculum evening next week on Wednesday 28th January.

Please do make an effort to come along to see why maths is fun and why it is so important in our everyday lives.