Beechwood Primary School

Football: Beechwood lose to Sonning

Both of our Football teams were well beaten by Sonning on an infamous night in mid January. Sonning thrashed our sides 12-0 and 12-5 which is unprecedented in Beechwood’s annals of sporting history.

Light by Josette

Today I am going to school. I am in a glorious mood because  for the first time in forever I have done all my homework. I am skipping to school and a bright light shines!

I am petrified! When a soothing voice addresses me. I start wondering towards the bright light,  awed I steal away leaving my best friend, Anushka  by her self. She was furious!  Tentatively she followed me. Never wasting  precious time I obliviously away stumbling each step I took. “SPELL” boomed the voice. Precisely I spelled cat. “C, A, T.” I screeched louder than a male lion roaring…

By Josette Osabutey

Street by Esme

I was so put out I was walking down the street, the pavement was wet so the lampposts were shining so bright on them.

Shall I tell you why I was so put out? I had not done my homework so I was on my way to my headmaster’s house. I went down Crockemham Road and I guessed it was the first sporty house I saw (Mr Davis was very sporty.) I knocked on the door and looked in the window. He was finishing his Zumba and coming to the door. “Hello” I said smirking.

“Hello would you like to dance?”

Light by Esme

Joseph walked in to the room.

If he was to defeat the horrible witch he should find her lair first. Slowly he turned around there was a lamp in one corner, he gave it a tug and there opened a large cavey like tunnel right beneath his feet. “AAAAAAHHH” screamed Joseph.

He fell into a cave and faced the witch, beside her shoulder there shone a globe the light was so bright he quickly grabbed a stick and a sword on her stony table and dived to grab the shiny thing he thrust it up to her face blinded.