• “Beechwood Primary School is Always Doing Something Good”

Day 4 – 14 May 2015

Our final day! What a week; it’s gone so quickly and we’ve had so many amazing moments.

Today we’ve been extreme streaming, coasteering and abseiling. We finished with a disco with Willowbank Primary and the children are now tucked up in bed.

We’re so proud of what the children have achieved this week; children who were afraid of the sea swam around the rocks from one bay to another, they held hands as they waded through waist-deep mud near the stream and they checked each other’s harnesses before dangling upside-down from a 30ft wall.

A great week of character building and confidence growing!

Mr Lovegrove

Pendine Day 4 – May 2015

Day 3 – 13 May 2015

Today we’re at Pembroke Castle!

An amazing day invading a castle, hiking through a woodland and sandcastle building! Mr Boseley smile emoticon

An update from Jonathon B:

My favourite thing about Pendine at the moment is the zip wire and abseiling. On the zip wire I first went normally then I went upside down.

My favourite trip was the woodland ranger day because we did multiple activities such as den building, camouflaging in with the environment and orienteering.

So all of Beechwood are enjoying their stay at Pendine.

Day 2 – 12 May 2015

Today is Woodland survival day!

What a fantastic day.

Dinner has been served and the children are having some free time.

Tonight we’re toasting marshmallows!

Day 1 – 11 May 2015

We arrived safely at Pendine at 12:30.

A quick lunch then straight on to body boarding, abseiling and the zip wire.

Tonight we’re off to The Roundhouse for stories and toasted marshmallows.

After a 3 mile walk around the coast, most are fast asleep. It’s been a great day.

We’re off for a survival day in the woods tomorrow.

Pendine Day 1 – May 2015