• “Beechwood Primary School is Always Doing Something Good”

Pendine 2016 – Day 4

Bore da (morning) everyone had a fantastic nights sleep and all are recharged and ready for a day out at Pembroke Castle.

This afternoon we took a walk through the Lily Ponds to a lovely secluded beach. Despite the weather forecast, the weather has bee fantastic.

Tonight we have a disco and tuck shop! The girls are doing the hair and make up; the boys are playing football.

All in bed for the final night, a fun day has been had by all!

Wow. What a great week away! We often say this, but our children have been truly amazing all week. They’ve represented Beechwood so well and everyone has commented on their politeness and kindness. It makes our job so pleasurable when children behave so well and we’re all rather proud of them.

They’ve had a packed week of activities that have both challenged them and developed their independence: rock climbing, body-boarding, extreme stream, nature walks, beach games, abseiling, zip wire, orienteering, fire building and more. They’ve made new friends with the children at Evenlode Primary in Cardiff (who were such good fun) and have learned more about themselves and each other.

A big thanks to Mrs Long, Miss Rowse and Mr McMillan for their tireless effort. Without them this trip wouldn’t have gone ahead.

I hope you enjoy hearing the stories.

Mr Lovegrove

Pendine 2016 – Day 3

Good morning from Wales! Today we have groups in the sea, groups on nature treks and some children are climbing. Tonight we’re orienteering. We’ve been very lucky with the weather and the children are sleeping well.

Group 1 are spending the afternoon in the sun at the Beach playing cricket, ball games and making sandcastles after a challenging morning of Xtreme Stream.

Group 2 have had a great day exploring the coast.

Dinner, followed by orienteering tonight.

Pendine 2016 – Day 3

Pendine 2016 – Day 2

After a good nights sleep groups 1&2 have been busy this morning climbing, abseiling and conquering fears. Off for a well earned lunch now!

After a busy day of zip wire, xtreme stream and low ropes we are finishing with a lovely camp fire and marshmallows plus the sun is still shining!

Pendine Day 1 – March 2016

After an early start Year 5 arrived safely in Pendine around 1 o’clcock. They were staright of the bus and were busy meeting new friends and playing football.

Soon after the activities began; some children went climbing and abseiling and some were surprised with a trip to the sea and body boarding.

After a busy/exciting day which ended with team games and biscuits everyone’s in bed . Night all!