Coronavirus Update – 1 March 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
As I am sure you are aware from the news a member of staff from Willowbank Infant School has tested positive for the Coronavirus, Covid 19. The effected school has taken the appropriate steps in response to this and has temporarily closed the school. 
We have been in contact with Public Health England (PHE) to seek guidance on the matter and have taken their advice. At this time, we believe there is no immediate risk for Beechwood Primary School and we will be open as normal tomorrow. This also follows PHE guidance.
We have already been taking steps to encourage children to wash their hands regularly, but from tomorrow we will be taking additional steps and precautions. We will have a whole school assembly on hygiene and hand washing, actively encouraging children to catch their coughs and sneezes. 
We will continue to ensure there are plenty of soap and tissues in classes and toilet areas, as well as ensuring there is anti bacterial hand sanitiser in all classes. We will also be encouraging hand washing at regular intervals throughout the day. This will be supervised for our youngest children.
Advice and information about Corona virus can be found on the Public Health England pages of the Government website. You may also find the links below useful.
I have also reattached the Coronavirus poster sent home last week.
We are in regular contact with other schools across the borough, as well as Frays Academy Trust so we have the most up to date information about the situation.
If you feel you or your child has been in contact with an affected person, please let us know by phone or email as soon as possible.
Kind regards,
Miss S E Hunter

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