Extended care for all children


IMG_9675 - WebThe school day can start at Breakfast Club from 7.45am. It provides a safe and stimulating environment where the children receive a healthy and nutritious breakfast, have fun activities to do and are looked after by qualified staff.

We offer many extra curricular clubs which are designed to keep the children fit, improve their skills and support learning. These include art, athletics, computing, cricket, drama, games, gymnastics, music, netball and rugby.

We run a range of school teams that compete in many tournaments, experiencing success, collecting many trophies, when winning and being gracious in defeat.

All children are welcome to attend the ‘The Handy’ After School Club from 3.15pm to 6.00pm. Healthy snacks are provided on arrival and a light supper is served from 5.00pm. There are a range of planned activities for the children to do in addition to having an opportunity to do their homework.

Children have the option to join the ‘The Handy’ After School Club after extra curricular clubs at a reduced rate.

IMG_8909 - WebKS1 at work



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