Foundation Stage Blog – 13 July 2018

On Monday the children brought in a empty plastic bottle and during the day they wrote a special message to a friend or family member to explain that they were stuck on an island and needed some help to be rescued. 

On Tuesday morning the children wrote pirate descriptions for a pirate wanted poster. After lunch the children made up a class story about pirates, they built up the story as they went around the circle, some children chose to write their own stories during their independent learning.

On Wednesday morning the children had their Sports Day practice on the field and participated in a variety of activities which included rugby passing; obstacle course; target throwing; running races; and the standing long jump. In the afternoon the children talked about their school trip with information about what they needed to bring to school, what they needed to wear and what they would be doing during the day. 

On Thursday the children arrived at school very excited about their first ever school trip, to Beale Park. They climbed aboard Bailey’s coach and were soon there. During the day the children were split into groups and explored the park.  In the morning they saw many interesting animals (e.g. peacocks and birds) and met up at the deer park for their picnic lunch in the sunshine. In the afternoon the children enjoyed a ride on the miniature train and a play in the park before getting back on the coach back to school. The day flew by and the children returned to school looking very tired, they were keen to talk about all that they had seen.​

On Friday the children talked about their trip to Beale Park and then went to the ICT suite, where they drew a picture and then typed a sentence using 2Simple 2Publish.

Throughout the week the children have enjoyed singing pirate songs and listening to pirate stories. 

Next week the children have move up morning on Monday and their Sports day will take place on Wednesday morning.

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