Foundation Stage Blog – 17 November 2017

The Jolly postman topic arrived in the Foundation Stage this week and the children were very excited to hear the first letter from Goldilocks. The children have engaged in a selection of rhyming activities during their English exploration time such as, matching rhyming words using picture clues, rhyming bingo matching, writing letters to the Jolly Postman, rhyming clip cards, Goldilocks and the Three Bears story sack, and making rhyming towers using mega blocks.

During Maths this week the children have been exploring the story of 5 and have learnt about the various ways to make 5 using counting objects, numicon and cubes. Maths exploration time activities included finger printing ways to make 5 using two different colours of paint, children to find ways to make 5 using numicon, mega block towers to make 5, on the bus counting game, ten green bottles number ordering game, making 5 using playdough balls, and the children were challenged to complete calculations which showed an amount and the children had to identify how many more they needed to make 5.

Our Topic discussions this week have focused on looking at the story of The Jolly Postman and developing the children’s understanding of rhyming words, an example of an activity which helped the children to identify rhyming words was when an adult gave the children a clue (e.g. I’m thinking of a word that sounds like cat, you wear it on your head and the word is…) and the children were encouraged to identify the rhyming word.

During PE this week the children explored different ways of moving through the theme of animals. It has been another busy week outside and the children are enjoying their new outdoor area, they have been busy building dens.

On Friday the FS staff were very busy preparing to move into the new FS classroom and are very excited about having an open plan area for the children to explore, alongside the outdoor environment.

FSF parents evening’s will take place next Monday 20th (3:30-6pm) and Wednesday 22nd (6-8pm) and Miss Rolfe’s parents evenings are being re-arranged for the following week.

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