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Foundation Stage Blog – 24 July 2017

The last full week of term has been very busy with move up day, the FSR trip to Bucklebury farm, sports day and head teachers awards. Firstly we would like to say a massive well done to all the children who were presented with a head teachers award for their hard work this year. It was lovely to see the children beaming with pride when they stood on stage with their certificates, a late night for all involved!

The children were very excited about meeting their new teachers on Monday morning and all came back to the classrooms enthusiastic about September, they were keen to tell us all about how lovely their new teachers were and what they had been doing during the morning.

After a rainy day at Bucklebury Farm last week FSR were pleased to see the sunshine for their trip this week. The children arrived at school animated and eager to go on their school trip. They thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy tractor ride and feeding the deer. Many children overcame their initial fears of feeding the animals and by the end of their petting session couldn’t wait to get more food and feed the animals independently. Another highlight for the children was climbing the tower to look over the field of deer’s. All children returned to school safely and very tired from their busy day. Miss Rolfe would like to thank Mrs Grainger, Mrs Keats and Mrs Graham for coming on the trip to help.

The children arrived bright and colourful dressed in their house colours rearing to go for their first Beechwood Sports Day. It fantastic to see so many children supporting each other and demonstrating their sportsmanship. The children looked like athletes on the day and demonstrated all the physical skills they have been developing throughout the year. All staff were amazed by the children’s running for the final lap race and the encouragement from the parents motivated the children to get to the finish line.

It has been a wonderful year and the staff have all enjoyed supporting your children to reach their full potential. It has been a delight to see their progress throughout the year and they have developed into more confident and independent learners.

We would like to thank all the parents for their ongoing support and hope you have a lovely summer.

We look forward to seeing the children all grown up when they move into Year One in September.

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