Foundation Stage Blog – 25 May 2018

Stringman’s adventures continued this week with different areas being tied up with string.

On Monday the children talked about their weekend with a partner. Following this the children drew a picture and wrote about their weekend as part of the days learning mission. Before lunch the children made a friendship web, where they chose a friend to roll the ball of string to and then they said something they liked about that them. After lunch the children listened to the Supertato story and they learnt about the Evil Pea!

On Tuesday  the children received a note from Stringman saying how the children will not be able to stop him. The children’s learning mission was to write a letter to Stringman and some children used their creativity to think of different superheroes who they could ask to help them, one of which was Scissorman so that he could cut through Stringman’s traps. After lunch the children practised their handwriting for the letters d, a, b, p, g and wrote the tricky words ‘go’ ‘are’ ‘they’. To end the day the children looked at their knock, knock book and the child who’s picture was revealed came up to the front of the class and shared something they had been doing at home. It was wonderful to see the children’s confidence to speak in front of a familiar group. The children are developing their ability to ask questions using who, what, where, why and how question words.

On Wednesday the children explored subtraction using Evil Peas. The children counted how many Evil Peas were on a plate and then a child was chosen to take away some Evil Peas, the children counted how many had been taken away and lastly they used a numberline to count back to find out how many Evil Peas were left on the plate. After lunch the children talked about why Evil Pea was unkind and talked about what they can do if they see someone being unkind. The children talked about kind words and kind hands and the importance of being kind to their friends. The children enjoyed going to watch 1J’s class assembly at the end of the day on Wednesday and they are excited about doing their class assemblies after half term (FSF -13.6.18 and FSR – 27.6.18 ).

On Thursday the children learnt how to write an invitation and their learning mission was to write an invitation for a superhero party. Before lunch the children recapped which learning superheroes they have been during the week. After lunch the children practised their handwriting and tricky words. It was lovely to see the parents coming into the Foundation Stage to look at their child’s Learning Journey at the end of the day. The children showed great pride in showing their parents what they have been doing at school.

On Friday the children received a coded message from Stringman, they explored the outdoor area to hunt for letter clues and then they tried to crack the code. Before lunch the children had a class discussion about what Stringman’s message said. The children ended the week with celebration assembly. During this week’s PE the children warmed up doing various superhero actions and then they explored the trim trail equipment on the field and had superhero races. To cool down before returning to the classroom the children played sleeping superheroes. When the children went to the ICT suite this week they played a game where they had to make a healthy lunchbox

The children have engaged in a variety of superhero themed activities throughout the week during their independent learning, some of which included: Superhero word mats and writing templates; vegetable weighing; vegetable measuring using unifix cubes and rulers; making supertatoes; make lolly stick superheroes;  Supertato vegetables speech bubble writing; making superhero hide outs; getting Evil Peas out of the sand using tweezers; making water slides using guttering and metal stands; superhero threading; vegetable printing; painting superheroes; and looking at superhero stories in the book areas.

We hope the children have an enjoyable and restful half term and come back to school ready to learn on 4th June.

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