The Local Authority has been working with the school over a period of time; following concerns about outcomes for children. During this time, insufficient progress has taken place and consequently, the Local Authority is now exercising its powers of intervention to support the school in making rapid improvement.

An Interim Executive Board (IEB) has been appointed to provide the necessary focus on rapid and sustained improvement. The IEB replaces the Governing Body of the school and assumes its statutory responsibilities.

The IEB currently comprises 4 members, with one additional governor currently being recruited. Profiles of the IEB have been included below to illustrate the skills and experience available in support of the school.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the IEB will work in partnership with staff; providing support and challenge across all aspects of the school. Please be assured that the primary purpose of the IEB is to work in partnership with the school to achieve the best possible outcomes for every pupil.

The IEB thanks you for your support and commitment. We look forward to working partnership with the parental community, for the benefit of Beechwood pupils.

Mark A’Bear

Chair of the Interim Executive Board

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