Beechwood Primary School

Harvest Festival Food Bank Donations October 2022

Children are invited to bring in items for the food bank into school. Below is a list of donations currently required by the charity. In fact, they have advised that they are short of everything (except pasta and pasta sauces) so all donations would be gratefully received:

Breakfast cereal                                                            Dried and microwave rice

Tinned or packet meals (no fridge items)                 Long life  milk and squashes

Biscuits, sweet and savoury                                        Baked beans, tinned spaghetti hoops

Tinned vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes            Tinned fruits

Ready to mix custard packets                                    Tinned desserts

Long life or Tinned pies (no fridge items)                  Tea bags, coffee, sugar

Regular unisex toiletries                                             Toothpastes

Sweet treats