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Headteacher’s Blog – 20 February 2017

Hi again,

Well the news is full of gloom and doom – what’s new I hear you saying. The media are picking up the ills and pressures that both health and education are enduring because of government cuts. We like many schools are suffering from teacher shortages and a crippling budget. It’s easy to lie down and accept your fate but on the other hand it’s the time to be innovative, resourceful and creative. Surely something needs to be done to help schools keep teachers in the profession and look to raise the profile of the teacher in our country. The first thing I would change is the image of our profession in the eyes of the public, we need to respect the role of  the teacher in our society. In countries like South Korea, Singapore and Thailand they are respected as pillars in society. I would love to see the job being made more attractive to our young children so that they can aspire to be teachers or even a policeman/woman, doctor or nurse etc.

When faced with dwindling resources and a constant response from the local authority and the government saying; “We haven’t got any money to fund projects” then we have to pull on each other and bring the community together. We need to find other ways to fund what you need. Why not come along to one of our promotion meetings listed in the 6th February edition, you would be most welcome.

Please note it’s a Self help day this Saturday 25th February from 9.30am- 2.30pm. We have lots to do and the good news is that we have won another £250 in a competition for the third time called “Kitchen Garden” run by Caterlink our schools meals contractor. We have previously won amounts of £500 and £300 and for our efforts we have constructed 11 planters, purchase 3 water butts and guttering. We are now going to purchase a new large garden shed with tools. Do come along and help your children’s school by putting in a small shift even, I will be very pleased to see you.

Three little news items:

  • Our Boccia team of Gracie Casey, Mark Smith and Xander Wallis have become District Champions
  • The School Council gave excellent feed back to the Governors recently (Tuesday 7th February 2017)
  • Mr Lovegrove gave another reminder to all pupils about being staying safe on line on Tuesday 7th February (Safer Internet Day 2017), by giving two excellent assemblies (for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)

Write again soon,

Gordon Davies

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