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Headteacher’s Blog – 27 January 2017

Enterprise and hard work go hand in hand

Last Saturday, I was thrilled with the response from parents who came to help on Self-help day, “Every little helps” to coin a phrase from Tesco. With your help, we managed to paint half the length of the school corridor as well as the outside cladding, maintenance work on the building never stops! We all know that the public services are stretched and that is why I like to be self-sufficient. That sense of pride needs to be engendered by everyone whether it’s your home, garden, car, workplace and of course school. It’s about keeping up standards. My thanks go out to the many parents, over the years, who have added so much to our building and grounds.

Many thanks to Peter Narancic, Alison Chapman, Stella Chatzianagnostau, Callum and Cathy Fraser, Chris and Shirley Stride and Sonia Jain for braving the weather last weekend.

Back to news about the school expansion. Building is likely to start after Easter and will continue through the winter of 2017/18. The small playground and one netball court will be out of action through this period. To stave off damage to the playing fields and keep the school in full operation the new Foundation department will be the first addition with the two new Year 2 classes following on quickly behind.

Next week, I will share with you, my plans for raising income through the setting up of a business hub amongst parents, who may like to increase their businesses throughout our school community. If people buy and sell their services, then there is a possibility that the key promoter/advertising agent i.e. Beechwood could benefit and that means your children could benefit. Parents like Anish Pandey, Darren Mortimore and Neil Whitehead already help the school. If any parent is willing to help me set up this business hub and could help with inputting data either at school or from home please do get in touch with me.

Gordon Davies

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