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Headteacher’s Blog – 30 January 2017

A business plan for Beechwood School, ‘Always doing something good’

As a result of my commercial experience many years ago, I would love to create a business hub of small businesses which exist within our school community (i.e. parents). The idea is to advertise your businesses through the school community, on an annual basis, for the possibility of connecting with potential customers. Each business that joins up would become a business partner of the school and for every transaction that is made, for goods or services, a small commission would be payed to the school. I am sure that parents would be happy to pay for a local mechanic, painter and decorator, hair dresser to name but a few.

To make this happen I need volunteers to start up the data bank of local businesses whom we could begin to advertise. Please let me know if you could help the school in this way. The school needs to find alternative money streams to supplement all that it does and with the government cutting the funding to schools life is becoming very difficult. If I’m honest I have always wanted to break the mould and start a scheme such as this.

My next thought is to open up the school for parents and other bodies to attend evening and weekend classes/courses. Here are some suggestions which could make better use of our facilities:

  • IT based courses in our suite
  • Return to the world of work or retrain
  • How to manage money (Sponsored by Barclays Bank)
  • First Aid training courses
  • Cycling for the family
  • Archery
  • Talks and presentations by local people
  • Walking expeditions from Beechwood
  • Cricket on our field in the summer
  • How to improve Maths for everyday use in the work place.

Finally, another idea is to run a franchise at school which would bring in some regular income and serve the needs of staff and parents and visitors alike. If you’re enthusiastic about some of these entrepreneurial ideas or you have something else to bring to the table why not come along to our next Promotions Meeting at school on Thursday 9th February at 7.15pm or email me with your ideas head@beechwood.wokingham,sch.uk

Have a good week where ever you are.

Gordon Davies

PS. Don’t forget Self Help Day this Saturday 4th February 9.30am- 2.30pm and the start of the Six Nations Rugby Championship this weekend!

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