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Headteacher’s Blog – 30 September 2016

Volunteer to help your school

self-helpI am always looking for help when you run a school as big as ours. With a potential of nearly 1,000 stakeholders when you include pupils, staff, parents, governors and friends surely it’s not difficult to get help.

“It’s always the same few!” I hear you say- that’s the cry from the resilient ones who turn up on Self Help days.

A big thank you to Callum Fraser (father of Kaden) and Mike Comber (father of Harry). Mike kindly worked hard for two hours cleaning the windows for Class 1/2K and FS2N and Callum helped me for four hours excavating the area behind the PE store for more storage in our plans to protect equipment from the weather. Here is a picture of the huge volcano of soil we made with our barrows and spades.

Well here’s your chance to help across the school throughout the year. We need help in a number of areas:

  • PTA contact Mrs Hamer
  • Reading in School, Guided Reading – Contact Mrs Patel
  • Promotions Team – Contact Mr Davies
  • Self Help Days (Here are the next Self Help Saturdays 8th October, Saturday 12th November, Saturday 26th November, Saturday 10th December & Saturday from 9.30am – 2.30pm)
  • Business partner- Contact Mrs Blinco/ Mrs Cowan ( new Bursar from 31st October)

Under the heading of Business Partner I am looking for someone to build a hub of parents’ businesses both self employed and employees of companies who can offer the school skills, materials,  expertise in sourcing or procuring contacts, engaging sponsorship and even applying for grants.

As with all schools we are suffering from austerity and the government have a huge debt to clear so we all have to look after ourselves and it really is survival of the fittest. We have to find ways of saving money so as to continue developing our school. I believe that you should continue to develop and expand in a down turn to steal a march on your neighbours or competitors. Better still if you can link with another school and host teacher training you can save on costs – there are ways to save money.

If any parents would like to help the school in any of the above ways please feel free to contact me.

Gordon Davies


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