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Headteacher’s Blog – 8 March2017

Hello everyone,

So we’ve entered spring or have we? The crocuses and snow drops are disappearing, watch out for that cold wind, a return to winter I predict! The winter has been unusually dry although it never  feels less than damp in this country.  It is important to make our young people more prepared for changes in our weather pattern so that they are not caught out; be it walking to school or having the right outer wear for playing games or learning outside.

School security and safety is something which I occasionally bring up. I just want to re-iterrate the need to recognise the workings of a school in that no adults should be entering the building whilst main school operates (i.e. 8.35am – 3.25pm) This is to protect all staff and children from intrusion. We can’t keep all of our doors locked or manned at 3.15pm which is our most vulnerable time with so many adults on the playground.

Please can I ask parents or friends of family collecting your children not to enter the building before the end of school day. All doors must not be obstructed so teaching assistants  can release the children from within the classroom easily and safely.

Please may I ask all parents to park in Headley Road car park or Arundel Road, where you can park and walk to the school gates. Thank you to all the parents who do help to make every child safe.

Next week I’ll be adding to the chorus of headteachers sharing their concerns about the chronic lack of funding in the state sector. I’ll will also be talking about the removal of the lolly pop lady from the Headley Road crossing – another example of council budget cuts.

Talk to you next week,

Gordon Davies

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