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Headteacher’s Blog – Monday 26 October 2016

We’re now fully underway after three weeks of familiarisation at school and clubs started last week extending everyone’s day at school.  We have such a large choice of clubs that include 17 creative opportunities and 15 sporting activities. Our children are very lucky at as we have built up such a diverse range of activities to do. We keep replenishing the equipment and new staff offer new opportunities such as ultimate Frisbee, Mr Gunbie and first aid for everyone by Miss Norman.

The year 4’s today set off on the first of 3 residential trips, ran by the school, to Condover Hall in Shrewsbury (Year 5 will visit Pendine, Wales and the year 6’s will cross the channel to France in the summer).

The School’s KS2 results have come out better than expected and are above the government floor targets in terms of a value added measure. We still need to improve in Maths and put more emphasis on Reading Comprehension which are our targets for this year as a school.

As reported in the first bulletin the school has been given the green light for building improvements/extensions and I am looking forward to have four new classrooms, a new staffroom, library, resources area and meeting rooms as well as girls’ and boys’ changing rooms. It’s quite a project and the works starts in the new year.

Finally, if you would like to help out your school the please make an effort to turn up for our regular Self Help Days, the next one is on Saturday 8th October. Refreshments available for all the family.

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