Helping children in the Gambia

Old ComputersNot only have the children at Beechwood benefited from the recent IT refurbishment but so have children in the Gambia!

Thanks to Mr Blackaby and the 2nd Woodley Scout Group our old computers are being sent to the Gambia to help children in their schools.

Please find below a letter of thanks from the people arranging the shipment…

Many thanks to the 2nd Woodley Scout Group for all their help in providing us with the latest consignment of computers.

Please tell Beechwood Primary School that these ‘obsolete’ computers will be exported to The Gambia, West Africa where they will used to introduce pupils in local schools to the wonderful world of Information Technology.

Whilst we in the UK take for granted E-mails and surfing the net etc. these students are only just learning about the World Wide Web.

By donating computers no longer required by our modern society, people in third world countries are only just coming to terms with the wider world.

Please, on behalf of my colleague who organises the exportation, accept many thanks to all for their generosity and support.

As soon as I have photographs from the schools I will forward them to you so that the children in England can see how the computers are making such an impact on the local Gambia Communities.

Many thanks.


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