Beechwood Primary School

Declarations of Interest 2020/2021

Declarations of Interest 2021/2022
The sections below detail each governor’s relevant business and pecuniary interests, trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities, personal relationships with trust employees or other members/trustees/governors.

Name, date declared, declaration
Emma Caswell, 28/10/2021, None
Lester Dennis, 13/09/2021, None
Dave Fisher, 09/09/2021, Governor, Reading School
Stephanie Holding, 13/09/2021, Headteacher, Westcott Infants School (September 2021 onwards)
Sally Hunter, 18/10/2021, None
John Ireland, 22/10/2021, None
Richard Skegg, 13/09/2021, Elected Councillor, Woodley Town Council; Employee, Bracknell Forest Council (January 2021 onwards 2021)
Ilaria Warren, 13/09/2021, None


Resigned in the last 12 months
Name (resignation date), date declared, declaration
Kirsty Billington (resigned 16/10/2020), 16/01/2020, None