I hear that Beechwood is an active school

“I heard that Beechwood was an active school, and had a wide array of clubs, and competitions. My parents were looking for a school that I could improve my levels, yet have fun. I really wanted to do well in SATS, make good friends, and be the best that I could be. Beechwood helped me a lot with that, and encouraged every pupil to do well and participate.

When I first started Beechwood, the things that impressed me the most was the way the other pupils welcomed me to their class. They were really helpful and included me in everything. Also, the phenomenal amount of clubs for everyone, they had artistic, musical, sport and even academic choices.

The sports facilities were amazing and because I love sports; it made a huge impact on me. After going to Beechwood, I feel so much more confident in everything I do, and I have learnt lots of new sports and how to get along well with people. I settled in really well, and my class helped me around the school and were extremely helpful.”

Ex Pupil, now at Kendrick Girls School

IMG_0076 - Web LKS2 at play





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