Beechwood Primary School

IEB News – 4 February 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A big thank you to everyone that attended the talk with Frays on Monday 28th of January and the Presentation from Chief Executive Chris Cole.

There were some very challenging questions asked of Chris, and rightly so, and also asked of the IEB/Shadow Governing Body.

A set of minutes from the meeting is also attached and will available soon on the Governor Page of the Beechwood website.

As we head towards April and Academy conversion we have been working with Frays to provide a stable Senior Leadership Team whilst we recruit a new Headteacher for Beechwood and have made the following decision. From February 1st Mrs Rachel Minter will be acting Headteacher until the end of the Summer Term. She will be supported by Mrs Zoe Voisey as Deputy Headteacher until February 24th. We would like to place on record a huge thank you to Mrs Voisey for stepping up to the forefront and keeping the School moving forward.

Also from February 1st Chris Cole will take the role of Executive Headteacher and drive the school improvement strategy supporting the team day to day. We are also looking to provide additional support to the Leadership Team to make the rapid improvements needed.

We would also like to place on record a huge thank you to Miss Sarah Curtis for her role as Interim Headteacher of Beechwood at a very tough and demanding time for the School. She will not be returning to Beechwood but continues her recovery to full health and mobility.

The IEB are working in partnership with your Local Governing Body which will officially take on full Governors duties once the School has converted to Frays.

Your Local Governing Body is:

  • Lester Dennis-Chair (staying from IEB) – Co Opted
  • Rachel Minter-Acting Headteacher
  • Ilaria Warren – Parent Governor
  • Kirsty Billington – Parent Governor
  • Emma Caswell – Staff Governor
  • Vicki Hamer – Staff Governor
  • Stephanie Holding (staying from IEB) – Co Opted
  • John Ireland – Co Opted
  • Richard Skegg (staying from IEB) – Co Opted
  • Dave Fisher (staying from IEB) – Co Opted
  • Dave Williams (staying from IEB) – Co Opted
  • Alison Cowen – Associate Governor as SBM

We would like to place on record our thanks to Louise Connolly and Mark A’Bear (members of the IEB who will be stepping aside in April) for their time and commitment to Beechwood.

We would also like to invite Parents and Guardians to visit the Comments Box in Reception if you have any suggestions that the LGB can act upon and also if you feel a member of School Staff deserves some positive feedback as we would like to celebrate that with them.

Thank you for your continued support.
Beechwood LGB/IEB