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Dear Parent/Carer,

Following the unfortunate accident to Miss Curtis, the IEB has asked Mrs Voisey to take on the role of Acting Head. At the present time, we are not sure exactly when Miss Curtis will be returning to work, although we hope it will be shortly after Christmas. We will also be welcoming back Mrs Minter, with a phased return, following major surgery. Thanks to the hard work of Miss Curtis, before her accident, we have a full complement of staff for January.

There continues to be a great deal to do at Beechwood, although progress has been made in a number of areas. We are very grateful to pupils and parents for the improvements in behaviour. The vast majority of the children are very polite, engaged in their learning and move quickly and quietly as they transition around the school. Mr Compton has been working on a new approach to behaviour based on positive reinforcement, and this is bearing fruit. We are also working closely with the local authority and their specialist services, to support the school where a few challenges remain.
We’ve also moved forward with the Shadow Governing Body, a group of 12, that will meet for the first time on December 13th.

We await confirmation of the academy sponsorship process which we’ll share as soon as we can. This will not only provide certainty for staff and the community, but will also give Beechwood additional resources to call upon. The IEB is very conscious that this has been a challenging time for the school and community. Staff are doing everything they can to make sure that the children’s learning is uninterrupted and that they continue to make progress.

Moving a school from `inadequate’ to `good’ is a journey that can’t be completed overnight. There is so much to do that some `bumps in the road’ are inevitable. While the school is making good progress, we can only be successful with the continued support of the school community.

Thank you for your continued support,
Beechwood IEB

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