Beechwood Primary School

Monitoring Visit Report – Ofsted

 Dear Parent/carers 

Monitoring Visit Report – Ofsted 

We are really pleased to share the result of the recent Ofsted section 8 visit to all parents/carers, please see the letter attached. Please read the report carefully, I am sure you will be pleased with the findings, in particular the statement below: 

“Leaders and managers are taking effective actions towards the removal of the ‘serious weaknesses’ designation”. 

As a school we are delighted with the outcome of the Ofsted inspection as it reflects the hard work, devotion and enthusiasm of a tremendous whole school team. 

The IEB are really pleased with the direction the school is going. They would like to thank all staff for their contribution and parents for their support.  

Please read the full report via the link below:

Ofsted Monitoring Vist Report – 17 May 2019

Should you have any queries regarding the report please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Minter via the the school office.