Ofsted Report and Parents’ Meeting

Dear Parents/Carers,

“Newly appointed leaders are now taking action to tackle the situation’

For many of you the Ofsted report will understandably be disappointing and concerning. For the IEB and senior leadership, the Ofsted outcome was not a surprise, which is why the report recognises the decisive action that has been taken to improve the quality of education for Beechwood pupils. A summary of the report would be that leaders have `an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses’ and `are now taking action to tackle the situation’. What we lacked was sufficient time to have a measurable impact, however, we should all be reassured that Ofsted supports the measures taken and recognise that there is leadership capacity to bring about rapid improvement. That work has started and will continue throughout the remainder of this term, so that solid foundations for success are in place for September.

Achieving rapid and sustainable improvement requires a collective effort from school leaders, staff, pupils and parents. There has always been a very strong community at Beechwood, and with your continued support we expect every pupil to make good or better progress. As you will have seen from the recent letter, school leaders have secured additional leadership capacity and talented teaching staff. The school has already made rapid progress, and we will be building on these foundations over the coming weeks and months.

We invite you to attend the parents’ meeting in the school hall tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd July @ 6pm, when the local authority, school leaders and IEB, will be present, to explain the report in more detail, talk about the improvements already underway, and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued support.
On behalf of the IEB

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