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Extra Curricular Clubs

After school clubs are available to children from year 2 (from the summer term of year 2 onwards) up to year 6.  We have a huge range of activities (over 30 different activities) on offer e.g. archery, cricket, athletics, Spanish, gardening, story writing and chess.  Clubs are currently £4 per week and children are encouraged to participate in this opportunity.  The various clubs are run before school, lunchtimes and after school within the school.

The benefits for Beechwood pupils are enormous. We must support those staff who give up their time voluntarily. As a school Beechwood believes in raising standards through regular practice and performing against other schools in competition, performances or exhibitions.

Download the Club timetable for the current term: Club Timetable – Spring Term 2018

Please ensourage your children to attend clubs on a regular weekly basis, the pupils must not dip in and out when they feel like it. We want the children to be ‘COMMITTED’ to their chosen clubs.

We want both the parents and the pupils to VALUE the excellent work of their ADULT LEADERS (Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Governors and Parents.)

The club enrolment will take place in the first full week of every term and along with their choices you will be able to consent (or not in some cases) to their chosen activities.

It is important that you read through the CLUB CONTRACT with your children and that they understand the rules of Beechwood Clubs and the schools expectations. The school wishes all pupils from Year 2- Year 6 to take up these wonderful opportunities.

In order to sustain this rich programme it is essential that everyone keeps to the contract. We want to ensure that all club sessions are well attended and our LEADERS are valued. We want this tradition to continue long into Beechwood’s future.

The clubs are set up each term by leaders providing a weekly timetable which is closely monitored for attendance, pupils who take time to excuse themselves and those pupils who walk away at 3.15pm without excusing themselves.

This year we are asking for more commitment from parents and pupils with regard to:

  • Payment – Clubs are priced at £4 a week or £40 for 12 weeks.
  • Pupils cannot leave, exit or quit a club once they have signed for a term.
  • Pupils can start a club at any time in the term and make the appropriate contribution to the club payments.

Numbers at clubs have to reach a minimum before the leader can run weekly sessions. This is being done to ensure regular attendance is maintained and is therefore not wasting the precious time of the leaders who have other school contractual duties to attend to e.g. marking, courses and meetings etc.


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