Beechwood Primary School

PTA AGM – Thursday 18th July

PTA AGM – Thursday 18th July

We would like to invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 18th July at 7pm at Bosco Lounge in Woodley.
This will be your chance to help us to celebrate all that we have achieved this year and to start thinking of ideas for next year.

We will also be electing a New Vice Chair and Secretary. If you are interested in taking on either of these roles, you will need to attend the meeting to allow you to be formally voted in by the other committee members. Please find attached the job descriptions for both roles to help you understand what is involved and how valuable they are to the running of a successful PTA.

We won’t be running as many events next year as we did this year as the Chair of our PTA is returning to work (if that helps you with your decision making \uD83D\uDE09).
If you have any questions about the two roles that are available please get in touch.

Beechwood PTA