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FS Easter Activity part 1

FS Easter Activity part 2 


Week 2

FS Maths 3 4 20

Doubling Halving Sharing

FS Phonics 3 4 20





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FS Phonics 2 4 20

FS Activities 2 4 20

FS Writing Stages 1 4 20

FS Phonics 1 4 20

30 3 20

FS Phonics 30 3 20

FS Numbers 30 3 20

Information regarding educational applications which are suitable for EYFs.

Useful apps for EYFS

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Links to other useful EYFS apps and Information

Early years apps approved to help families kick start learning at home


Early Learning HQ



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FS Phonics 30 3 20

FS Numbers 30 3 20


Foundation Stage Comparing Numbers 27 3 20

Foundation Stage Phonics 27 3 20


Foundation Stage Phonics 26 3 20

Foundation Stage Maths 26 3 20



Wednesday 25.03.20

Hello parents and children, 

I have been reflecting on the process of home learning, and thinking about the realities of you adjusting to family life and setting up some sort of routine, which is sustainable long term as opposed to short term. 

You might be finding this week tricky. I know I am, in terms of getting my head around the concept of managing my time and being productive at home. 

Top tips:

  • They are not meant to sit at a table for a long period of time (15-20 minutes max). 
  • Work with them at times when they have the most energy; for example, in the morning. 
  • Allow them plenty of time to play independently: this is good for them and for you. 
  • Get them moving and doing exercise at various points of the day. 
  • Don’t be afraid to change the activities to suit your child’s interests. Use my activities and inputs as guidelines or examples of how to teach the skill. If you notice that your child is interested in different things, incorporate these interests when you are teaching your child the skill. Going with your child’s interests, ensures that they are hooked and engaged. 

Going forward:

  •  Daily, you will receive a phonics PPT (school website).
  • Your child will participate in an RWI online session. 
  • On Monday and Wednesday you will receive a maths focus task (Tapestry app)
  • On Tuesday and Thursday you will receive a literacy focus task (Tapestry app)
  • Every day you will get a challenge which aims to cover the other prime and specific areas (Tapestry app).

Kind regards,

EYFS TEAMImage result for butterflies


Home Learning 24.03.2020

Hello and welcome to day 2 of Home Learning.

FS Phonics 24 3 20

Activities will be uploaded to Tapestry. Today you will have activities linked to maths, literacy and Expressive, arts and design.

Read Write Ink

On Ruth Miskin Facebook and YouTube, there will be live RWI lessons.

Set 1 will be 9.30 or 12.30.

Set 2 will be 10am or 1pm.

Set 3 will be 10.30 or 1.30.

I will let you know, through tapestry, which set your child should participate in.

Please complete this daily. I will continue to send phonics type work, but following the live lessons will ensure consistency and progress being maintained in your child’s phonics development.

Phonics Play

Phonics play provide fun and interactive games for your child to play and consolidate their phonics knowledge. Phonics play have kindly, decided to make this free and accessible for all.

To login:

  1. type phonics play into google.
  2. Username: March20
  3. Password: home.



Joe wicks, the Body coach, is providing live workout videos for children at 9 am. You can access his live video workouts on Youtube at PE with Joe.

Cosmic Yoga, incorporating storytelling and yoga for young children, is available at:


Go Noodle for fun and dancing go to:




Hello parents and children,                                                                                        23 3 30

I hope you are well and have had a ‘relaxing’ weekend.

This is our phonics lesson for today Butterflies Phonics 23 3 20

Parents Guidance Butterflies Parents info

The literacy and maths work will be sent through tapestry.

It is important to note that Maths and literacy are only 2 of the specific areas, which your child must master, in order to achieve their Early Learning goals. Keeping that in mind, your child will be sent a range of activities which will further develop the other areas.

This is the link to the EYFS Framework, which underpins my planning.


This document explains what the prime and specific areas area and shows the developmental progression in each area. Your child is working within the 40-60 section and the Early Learning goals.

I will update you further with an outline of the theme for the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience. What I had planned, now needs tweaking as there are limitations of what can be done around the home during a time where you cannot just pop out for bits and bobs.

Kind regards,

EYFS Team.

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