Year 1

Week 2

SAP BrandVoice: Does The Easter Bunny Have A Sustainable Supply Chain?

Yr1 English 3 4 20

Yr1 Maths 3 4 20

Yr1 Phonics 3 4 20








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Yr1 English 2 4 20

Yr1 Maths 2 4 20

Yr1 Phonics 2 4 20

See the source image


Yr1 English 1 4 20

Yr1 Maths 1 4 20

Yr1 Phonics 1 4 20



Yr1 English 30 3 20

Yr1 Maths 30 3 20

Yr1 Phonics 30 3 20

Shape – Poetry 30 3 20


15 Scientific Reasons Spring Is the Most Delightful Season ...

Yr1 English 30 3 20

Yr1 Maths 30 3 20

Yr1 Phonics 30 3 20


Yr1 English 27 3 20

Yr1 Maths 27 3 20

Yr1 Phonics 27 3 20


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Yr1 English 26 3 20

Yr1 Maths 26 3 20

Yr1 Phonics 26 3 20



See the source image

Yr1 English 25 3 20

Yr1 Maths 25 3 20

Yr1 Phonics 25 3 20


Yr1 English 24.3.20

Yr Phonics 24 3 20

Yr1 Maths 24.3.20


Children should be having daily practice of phonics. See below for ideas of activities.

Flashcards – Use the sound cards that we sent home to have daily practice of recognising sounds, you can use the list of RWI sounds to find any highlighted sounds to focus on or we will be sending out a daily sound to focus on.

Word Reading – Use the flashcards to build some words that children can practice reading, these should include a mixture of set 2 and 3 sounds and be both real words and made up words. There will also be some words sent out including the focus sound. The children should read words using this method:

Spot special friends        –              Fred Talk (sound it out)                                –             Read the word.

Spelling – Children can practice writing 2/3 words using some of the special friends they have been practicing. You can also use this time to practice spelling some common exception words.

Reading – Children should be reading daily. Use their reading books or Oxford Owl online to read a book matched to your child’s ability. Each book should be read 2-3 times to build up fluency. Ask your children questions about what is happening during the stories, there are questions you can use at the back of the books.

Yr1 Phonics 23 3 20

Yr1 English 23 3 20

Yr1 Maths 23 3 20


Dear Parents/Guardians

Please find below a list of useful websites that you may wish to use to support the children whilst they are learning at home. 

Oxford Owl

Click on Class Login. Username: beechwoodrobins  Password: Robins2020

                                  Username: beechwoodwrens  Password: Wrens26

This website allows you to have access to lots of oxford reading tree books to read as e-books. Please use this to expose children to different reading books of the correct level.

Phonics Play This website is very useful for the children to practice recognising their phonics sounds and reading them in both real and alien words.

Top Marks and ICT Games

Both of these websites are especially good for maths games.


This website has videos and songs that support both English and Maths and are also good for a movement break.

RWI On Ruth Miskin facebook and youtube, there will be live RWI lessons. Set 1 will be 9.30 or 12.30. Set 2 will be 10am or 1pm. Set 3 will be 10.30 or 1.30. We would suggest the set 3 lesson.

The children should have also received purple mash logins and another copy of their mathletics log in.

Miss Pilbeam and Mrs Frain

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