Year 2

Week 2

SAP BrandVoice: Does The Easter Bunny Have A Sustainable Supply Chain?

Yr2 English 3 4 20

Yr2 Reading 3 4 20

Yr2 Maths 3 4 20







Being Brave at Night” by Edgar A. Guest - Make Fun Of Life!

Yr2 English 2 4 20

Yr2 Reading 2 4 20

Yr2 Maths 2 4 20


Yr2 English 1 4 20

Yr2 Reading 1 4 20

Yr2 Maths 1 4 20


Yr2 English 31 3 20

Yr2 Reading 31 3 20

Yr2 Maths 31 3 20


George's Marvellous Medicine (Colour Edn) (Dahl Colour Editions ...

Yr2 English 30 3 20

Yr2 Reading 30 3 20

Yr2 Maths 30 3 20



Yr2 English 27 3 20

Yr2 Reading 27 3 20

Yr2 Maths 27 3 20



Yr2 English 26 3 20

Yr2 Reading 26 3 20Image result for fantastic mr fox

Yr2 Maths 26 3 20


Image result for killer cat

Yr2 English 25 3 20

Yr2 Reading 25 3 20

Yr2 Maths 25 3 20


24 3 20

Dear parents and guardians,

This year we have all been working hard on creating high quality writing that make sense and where the majority of words are spelt correctly or are phonically plausible. We have exposed children to many rich texts to help them see excellent examples of correct sentence structure.  Each day we will be providing extracts and comprehension questions from some famous authors to continue to ensure children are still learning new and exciting vocabulary. We hope they will enjoy the extracts and encourage them read the whole book. Please also work your way through the Reading CGP text book.

This year in English the children have learnt a range of grammar features which they can practice in the writing tasks we have set.

·         Adjectives and expanded noun phrases

·         Conjunctions (joining words- and but so because)

·         Adverbs (-ly words)

·         Fronted adverbials- when the adverbial word or phrase is moved to the front of the sentence, before the verb.  ‘Earlier today, ‘ is a fronted adverbial.

·         Spell words with prefixes (un- mis- re-) and suffixes (-ment –ness –est –ed –ly)


Skills to recap. Please also work your way through the CGP books to support these objectives.

Ø  2,3,4,5 and 10 times table facts (apply these to division too)

Ø  Tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes (o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to)

Ø  Naming and describing 2d and 3d shapes

Ø  Addition and subtraction using partitioning or column method

Ø  Recognise different coins, make different amounts and work out change

Week 1 of distance learning will be based on position and direction measurement (Length and height)

Week 2 – Measurement (Mass, Capacity and Temperature)


Please choose from one of the topic activities or create something similar!

Send any pictures of your children learning at home to:  we would like to feature your child/ren or work in the weekly newsletter.

The children should have purple mash logins and mathletics log in to use whenever you fancy.

From Miss Mills and Mrs Jain​

Yr2 English 24.3.20

Yr2 Maths 24.3.20

Yr2 Reading 24.3.20

Yr2 Afternoon

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Yr2 Maths 23 3 20

Yr2 English 23 3 20

Yr2 Reading 23 3 20


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