Beechwood Primary School

Governing Body Membership

Local Governing Body of Beechwood Primary School:

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation the Local Governing Body (LGB) consists of:

  • seven governors (not staff) appointed by Directors;
  • one staff member;
  • three parent members
  • the Headteacher (ex-officio)

The number of people who shall sit on the Local Governing Body shall be not less than nine.

Chair of Governors: Lester Dennis

Emma Caswell, Governor (staff), appointed 01/09/2019

Lester Dennis, Governor, appointed 01/09/2019

Sally Hunter, Governor (Headteacher) (ex-officio), appointed 01/09/2019

John Ireland, Governor, appointed 01/09/2019

Jeevan Kang, Governor, appointed 11/07/2022

Gia Middleton, Governor, appointed 23/05/2022

Anne Sankey, Governor, appointed 23/05/2022

Richard Skegg, Governor (parent), appointed 01/09/2019

Jacques Theron, Governor, appointed 23/05/2022

Ilaria Warren, Governor (parent), appointed 01/09/2019

Jeevan Kang, Governor, appointed 11/07/2022

Resigned in last 12 months:

Stephanie Holding, Governor (parent), appointed 01/09/2019 (resigned 18/05/2022)

Dave Fisher, Governor, appointed 01/09/2019 (resigned 29/04/2022)