Beechwood Primary School

Governing Body Membership

Local Governing Body of Beechwood Primary School:

Local Governing Body of Beechwood Primary School: 

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation the Local Governing Body (LGB) consists of:

  • four members (not staff) appointed by Directors;
  • one staff member;
  • one parent members
  • any additional members appointed by the directors. 

The number of people who shall sit on the Local Governing Body shall be not less than four and not more than nine. 

Due to structural changes in the constitution of local governing bodies, headteachers no longer serve as governors, but they still attend all meetings. 

Chair of Governors: Lester Dennis 

  • Emma Caswell, Governor (staff), appointed 01/09/2019 
  • Lester Dennis, Governor, appointed 01/09/2019 
  • John Ireland, Governor, appointed 01/09/2019 
  • Jeevan Kang, Governor, appointed 11/07/2022 
  • Gia Middleton, Governor, appointed 23/05/2022 
  • Anne Sankey, Governor, appointed 23/05/2022 
  • Richard Skegg, Governor (parent), appointed 01/09/2019 
  • Ilaria Warren, Governor (parent), appointed 01/09/2019 

In attendance: Sally Hunter, Headteacher 

Resigned in last 12 months: 

Sally Hunter, Governor (Headteacher) (ex-officio), resigned 31/05/2023, (appointed 01/09/2019) 

Jacques Theron, Governor, resigned 19/09/2023, (appointed 23/05/2022)